February 1st – 5th 2021
R&D Partnership Canada-Germany
in medical technology and digital health
Company Presentation

1200-555 W.Hastings St.
Vancouver, British Columbia


Behzad Behroozan


Agartee Technology is an AI-enabled digital health platform for senior care. Agartee’s mission is to detect health decline early to empower people and their care teams to implement proactive healthcare. Agartee Technology was established in 2014 in Vancouver, Canada, and currently employs six full-time employees.


Agartee's platform monitors thousands of seniors’ behavioural and sleep patterns, vital signs (temperature, blood oxygen, pulse rate, blood pressure, weight) as well as inhaler utilization adherence and alerts care teams or family members to changes that require attention. Its objective is to detect health decline early and enable preventive care.

R&D Partners

Agartee is looking for a) clinics that provide virtual pulmonary or cardiac rehabilitation programs as we have worked with lung clinics in the last five years and have experience and millions of hours of data for meaningful R&D collaboration; and b) nursing homes or group living facilities where there are not enough caregivers to take care of the elderly and the wish is to reduce reliance on in-person observation.