February 1st – 5th 2021
R&D Partnership Canada-Germany
in medical technology and digital health
Company Presentation
Ananda Devices
Ananda Devices

500 Boulevard Cartier, #113
Laval, Quebec


Doreen Miao
Business Director


Ananda Devices is a biotech company specialized in in vitro assay development. Leveraging its proprietary nano-organization technology, Ananda Devices has developed physiologically relevant in vitro models that generate predicative responses early on in the compound development processes, thereby accelerating compound discovery and de-risking key developmental investments.


Ananda Devices’ nervous-system-on-a-chip technology enables clients to perform drug screening and toxicity and efficacy testing up to 50x faster and 90% more cost effectively. Ananda Devices has over 20 years of experience in neuroscience and tissue engineering and has developed unique devices to grow brain, spinal cord and innervated skin models for clients in 12 countries.

R&D Partners

Ananda Devices is looking for R&D partners to help to develop new technologies by leveraging its core nano-organization capabilities (e.g. organizing other cell types or combining its technology with a partner’s technology for new applications) or to develop new applications using its existing mature technology in neuroscience. Collaboration with pharmaceutical companies, neuroscience and oncology research centres or agrochemical companies could be of interest.