February 1st – 5th 2021
R&D Partnership Canada-Germany
in medical technology and digital health
Company Presentation
KA Imaging
KA Imaging

560 Parkside Dr Unit 3
Waterloo, Ontario


Amol Karnick

Karim S Karim
Founder and CTO

Jesse Malhotra
VP Sales


KA Imaging was founded in 2015 to commercialize innovative X-ray technologies in medical, industrial, scientific and veterinary sectors. KA Imaging has 30 employees and is headquartered in Waterloo, Ontario.


KA Imaging has developed the Reveal single exposure dual energy detector, which is also the world’s first large-area spectral X-ray detector. This device can be used to perform multi-material separation (e.g. soft tissue and bone, metal and plastic) for accurate visualization and better patient outcomes. It is now developing a dynamic Reveal detector for real-time material separation applications in medical and industrial sectors.

R&D Partners

KA Imaging is looking for medical, veterinary, scientific and industrial OEM partners to integrate the Reveal X-ray detector and to co-develop the technology for new applications in large-area dynamic spectral X-ray imaging.