February 1st – 5th 2021
R&D Partnership Canada-Germany
in medical technology and digital health
Company Presentation

702-2695 Granville Street
Vancouver, British Columbia


Dr. Gabrielle Serafini
Co-Founder and CEO


WelTel Incorporated (WelTel Health) was founded in 2013 based on a decade of world-leading research in the field. The digital health solutions company located in Vancouver, Canada, has 15 employees who are all dedicated to WelTel’s mission: to solve the world’s greatest health challenges by building clinically validated, purpose-built solutions while ensuring no one is left behind.


WelTel Health is an integrated, multimodal virtual care and patient engagement platform that connects patients to their known healthcare providers through their mobile phones, enhancing the continuity of care in the patient journey. It is a secure, web-based application (SaaS) that leverages the use of open, 2-way SMS text messaging (and other modes of virtual care when appropriate) to facilitate meaningful communications that impact positive behaviour change and improve health outcomes. All data is collected and available for real-time visualizations and insights.

R&D Partners

WelTel Health is seeking partners to advance and help scale its web-based, digital health outreach communications/patient engagement platform and data analytics tools. It is looking for meaningful partnerships to bring its technology into the European market and is open to a co-development/revenue share model with a like-minded company that can facilitate its vision to scale the service to meet market demands and change clinical care settings globally.